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Press release - "Nola Labs Gives Space Enthusiasts the Opportunity to Own a Planet", September 20, 2022 (pdf)

Your source for information regarding discoveries, travel, intergalactic mysteries and more. Nola Labs will keep you current on ‘everything outer space.’ As an owner of an XOplanet NFT, you’re a member of our exclusive Cosmic Community where you’ll get the latest news and access to the Discord channel.

Interesting Space News

“Seeing Beyond – The James Webb Space Telescope”

“Webb Captures First Direct Image Of Expoplanet”

“Most distant star even seen found in Hubble Space Telescope image”

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The mysteries of the universe begin with which XOplanet you’ll receive.

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As is common practice in NFTs, the selection, creation, and distribution of XOplanets is random. Will your planet be rare? Gorgeous? Mysterious? Personal preference will factor into decisions to hold, sell or trade one’s XOplanet.

When you purchase an XOplanet NFT you’ll receive:

  • A beautiful piece of generative art that utilizes the traits of your planet to inspire a unique piece of art.
    Not just one-of-a-kind, but one-in-the-universe.
  • Movement in the form of spinning, circling, and enveloping the owner with its possibilities for XOplanet fun.
  • Data on the traits and rarities for your planet, includes
    • Planet Type: Gas Giant, Neptunian, Super-Earth, Terrestrial
    • Year of Discovery
    • Discovery Facility
    • Orbital Days: time required to orbit star
    • Discovery Methods
    • Planet Radius
    • Habitable Zone
    • Distance from Earth: measured in light years
    • Host Stars Visible to the Naked Eye

In the minting of each NFT, Exoplanet metadata from NASA will be added featuring the 9 traits. Artistic traits for your planet may include Moons, Comets, Asteroids or Rings.

Want to learn more?

For each identified planet, more than a hundred details have been archived on the NASA website. Once you receive your planet (and its corresponding alphanumeric name) you can research and learn all the fascinating details of the planet you own.



What XOplanet NFTs Will Be the Most Coveted?

People buy NFT works-of-art for many reasons. There may be as many reasons to purchase an XOplanet NFT as there are discovered exoplanets. In the 1878 novel, Molly Bawn, the author, Margaret Wolfe Hungerford, wrote, “It is an old axiom and well said that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” XOplanets can be held, sold, or traded and isn’t that where some of the fun begins?

The Rarer the NFT, the More Valuable the NFT

Some traits that XOplanet NFT holders may find important for planet buying, holding, or trading decisions:

  • Is your planet within the Goldilocks zone? Less than two percent are.... check out Habitable Zone metadata in XOplanets website.
  • Host Stars Visible to the Naked Eye: Is your exoplanet among 277 that can be seen from Earth without a telescope or binoculars?
  • How many days does it take your planet to orbit its star? The shortest and longest # of days may increase the chances of these planets being more rare than others …see Orbital Days trait reference in NASA’s metadata.

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